Countstar BioMarine Professional Automatic Algae Counter

Countstar® BioMarine
Automatic Algae Counter

  • Count and analysis of Algae
  • Biomass of Algae
  • Screening Target Algae

Product Overview

Integrating advanced optical imaging technology and intelligent image recognition technology, Countstar® BioMarine Automated Counter is a professional automatic counter developed to accurately measure the concentrations of algae.

For both pure cultures of unicellular algae and mixed cultures of multi-algae samples, Countstar® BioMarine can provide accurate results with high repeatability and save your valuable time and energy.

Key Benefits

  • Easy Operation Algae Counting
  • 20 sec. analysis time
  • Analyze different shapes of Algae
  • Wide Range Compatibility
  • Convenient screening
Product feature

Comprehensive algae information:

Countstar® BioMarine can automatically calculate the concentration, major axis length and minor axis length of algae and generate the algae growth curve, reflecting the growth of the algae.

Wide range compatibility:
Countstar® BioMarine is applicable to different shapes (i.e., spherical, elliptic, tubular, filamentous and cateniform) of unicellular and multi-cellular algae with axis length ranging from 2 µm to 180µm.

Wide range compatibility

Convenient screening:

Countstar® BioMarine can screen target algae from complex samples for classification and counting by sizes or shapes.

Convenient screening

Biomass Calculation:
To know the biomass of algae is basic for algae research. The traditional methods for analyzing biomass are Determination of the content of chlorophyll A – Accurate but complicated and time-consuming procedure. Spectrophotography – Need to use supersonic to destroy algae, not stable result and time-consuming.

Algae Biomass Calculation

Accurate and Excellent Reproducibility

Compared with the traditional hemocytometer, the result acquired by Countstar BioMarine shows a better linearity and a wider concentration range, and is thus more accurate.

Accurate Reproducibility - better linearity and wider concentration range.
Standard deviation shows Countstar BioMarine can accurately count selenastrum bibraianum cells; the error bar shows the average standard deviation.

Countstar BioMarine Accurate Reproducibility

Technical Specifications
Model: IA 1000
Test Item: Concentration,  Diameter, aggregation etc.
Sample Density: 1x104 - 3x107/ml
Sample Diameter: 2-180μm
Imaging element: 5 Megapixel,CMOS camera
Objective magnification: 5 X
Sample Volume: 20μL
Test Time: <20s

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