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Countstar Mira HT

High-throughput Cell Analyzer

Building off the previous Mira platforms, the Countstar Mira HT performs both brightfield and fluorescence analysis but with the capabilities of high-throughput sampling in a compact package. Also unique is the versatility and range of assays the Countstar Mira HT is capable of performing, such as AO/PI viability and GFP/RFP Transfection detection.


Core Advantages

  • Multi-well plate compatible
  • High Throughput Detection
  • AI – Cell Detection Algorithm
  • cGMP Compliant
  • Product details
Product details

High Throughput

The Countstar Mira HT is capable of a variety of applications and could detects 15 or 24 samples. Save time by the simple one touch analysis of Countstar’s new 24 chamber plate and the included adaptor to measure up to 15 samples using the proprietary Countstar 5-Chamber slide.

High Throughput Cell Analyzer

Fast Detection

Brightfield Analysis: To obtain a better representation of the cells in a sample, the capture of multiple images at low cell densities is used to compile statistical viability data such as live/dead count, concentration, aggregation, and cell diameter. This simple analysis which would normally take several minutes to perform for multiple samples is reduced to seconds per sample.

Typan Blue

Dual Fluorescence: Acridine Orange and Propidium Iodide are fluorescence techniques used to help distinguish viable from nonviable cells. Because both stains are selective for nucleated cells, interference from debris and foreign particles are excluded, allowing only nucleated signals captured by the stains to be used in cell concentration and viability data.

Dual Fluorescence

Advanced Optics

The Countstar auto- focusing technology has been updated and incorporated into Countstar Mira HT. The 5x optical lens is capable of analyzing cells in the range of 3-180um . Combined with the 8.3MP camera, cellular images are more defined and distinguishable, from that of previous models.

Advanced Optics

AI – Cell Detection Algorithm

The Countstar Mira HT’s software allows user friendly operation while also providing the technical adeptness of distinguishing various cell types with irregular morphology, clustering, while excluding non-desirable particles and debris.

AI – Cell Detection Algorithm

cGMP Compliant

The Countstar Mira HT provides for secure data management with differing levels of user access and security features to prevent and deter tampering of sensitive data. The data authority management software provides for the system to be compliant with cGMP and FDA 21 CFR part 11.

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