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Countstar Chamber Slide

Unique design, saving time and optimizing workflow

The Countstar Chamber Slide analyzes 5 individual samples in a single sequence, assuring highly precise and accurate results while saving time and optimizing workflow. After samples are added to each chamber, the slide is placed in the instrument’s slide port for analysis. In combination with our patented Countstar “Fixed Focus Technology”, the high-quality microscope objectives, the full-metal optical bench of each analyzer, and their 5MP CMOS color cameras these 5 chamber slides are an inevitable base to provide sharp, contrast-rich images with a maximum content of information.


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Product details



The Countstar Chamber Slide






Slide Specifications
Material Poly-(Methyl) Methacrylate (PMMA)
Dimensions: 75 mm (w) x 25 mm (d) x 1.8 mm (h)
Chamber Depth: 190 ± 3 μm (only 1.6% deviation for high accuracy)
Chamber Volume 20 μl



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