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Countstar Castor X1

High-throughput Image Cell Analyzer

The development of innovative drugs or cell-based therapies demands significant higher throughput in cell-based experiments. The Countstar Castor X1 is a high-throughput image analyzer that enables high-content analysis of thousands of cells simultaneously. The Castor X1 is equipped with advanced optical technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based image recognition algorithms, ensuring high quality images and accurate image processing for confident results. Sophisticated software with intuitive user interface provides comprehen-sive suite of data analysis tools, simplifying data review of large data set. The Countstar Castor X1 is the ideal platform for many high throughput assays, including monoclonal identification and cell transfection analysis.

Core Advantages

  • Advanced optical technology, including a cryo-cooled 16MP CMOS sensor, 4.0x NA high-class objective and a laser-based focus system, ensures sharp image acquisition in any situation.
  • Dual fluorescence channels (ex485/30nm – em535/45nm (green); ex540/25nm (red)– em620/20nm) dramatically expand application scope than bright field only plat-forms.
  • AI-based, self-learning image analysis algorithms improves image processing accuracy.
  • Broad compatibility with common 6-384 well plates provides significant time savings and optimum flexibility.
  • Complaint-ready software meets FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.
  • Possible integration with various automation platforms further increases through-put.
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Application Details

Applications Overview

The Countstar Castor X1 is the ideal platform for many high throughput assays, including monoclonal identification, cell transfection analysis, virus titer detection and convergence ananlysis.

Castor Applications

Selected Applications, Results and Graphics

1、Automatic Monoclonality Identification

The number of cells in each well is counted and tracked automatically throughout the cell culture duration. The AI powered algorithm ensures accurate identification of monoclonality for both adherent and suspended cells, reduces manual verification time by 65%.Automatic Monoclonality Identification

2、Cell Transfection

With dual fluorescence channels, cells transfected with GFP and/or RFP can be accurately identified and quantified, ensuring confident evaluation of transfection efficiency in cell and gene therapies, cell line development for antibody drugs.

Cell TransfectionHEK293 adherent cell transient transfection evaluation. Results obtained on Castor X1 is consistent with that of flow cytometer.

3、Visualization of Transduction Titer Effects

Serial dilution is performed to detect the expression of the target gene (or transgene). Based on the number of positive cells or positive wells, the transduction titer (TU), are calculated with the virus dilution.

Transduction Titer

4、Parallel monitoring of Mammalian Cells in Bright Field, Red and Green Fluorescence

Parallel monitoring of Mammalian Cells

convergence analysis

Heat maps for color code

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