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Introducing Countstar® Cell Analysis Systems, a line of instruments with an innovative combination of advanced technologies. Countstar® brings together the functionality of digital microscopes, cytometers and automated cell counters into its intuitively designed systems. By combining bright-field and fluorescent imaging with classical dye-exclusion technologies, extensive data on cell morphology, viability, and concentration is generated in real time. Countstar® Systems go further by generating high-resolution images, the essential basis for sophisticated data analysis. With more than 6,000 analyzers installed worldwide, Countstar® analyzers are proven to be valuable tools in research, process development, and validated production environments.
The Countstar® brand was inspired by the endless possibilities a person experiences when counting stars in the night sky. With this approach, Countstar® explores the limits of technology. Countstar® was founded by ALIT Biotech, an emerging manufacturer of innovative equipment and consumables for the biological research community. Headquartered in the high-tech district of Shanghai, ALIT Biotech develops and produces the analytical equipment of the future.

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