Countstar BioLab Automated Cell Counter

Countstar® BioLab

Automated Cell Counter

  • Trypan Blue Cell Counting
  • Aggregated Cell Analysis
  • Easy Operation
Product Overview
Countstar BioLab is a cell counting and analyzing instrument developed on the basis of classic trypan blue staining. Integrating advanced optical imaging technology and intelligent image recognition technology.
Countstar® BioLab is applicable to cells with diameter between 5-180μm and the density between 1×104-3×107/ml.
Key Benefits
  • Small Benchtop Instrument
  • Simple and Easy Operation
  • Fast testing time – less than 20s
  • Maximum loaded 5 samples in one slide
  • “Fixed Focus”– No manual focus adjustment needed
  • Accurate and high reproducibility result – Intra-assay & Inter-assay CV <5%
  • Maintenance and service free
Product feature
Easy and fast
Within 20 seconds through three steps with one button
Small Sample Volume
Sample Volume: 20μL,

CV in measurements of a single counter is < 5%.

Easy calculating sample concentrations

Easy calculating sample concentrations

Cost-efficient Consumables
The one-piece Five-slot design minimizes the wasting of resources and cuts down your test.

Technical Specifications
Model: IE 1000
Test Item: Concentration, Viability, Diameter, aggregation etc.
Sample Density: 1x104 - 3x107/ml
Sample Diameter: 5-180μm
Imaging element: 5 Megapixel,CMOS camera
Objective magnification: 2.5 X
Sample Volume: 20μL
Test Time: <20s

1. Trypan blue cell counting and viability

Countstar is applicable to cells with diameter between 5-180um, like mammalian cell, insect cell, and some planktons.
Cost-efficient Consumables

2. Aggregated Cell Analysis

Countstar can count the aggregated cells one by one.

Aggregated Cell Analysis

3. Cell Size Analysis

The change of cell size is a key feature and is commonly measured in cell research. Normally it will be measured in these experiments: cell transfection, drug test and cell activation assays. 
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