Countstar BioFerm Automated Yeast Cell Counter

Countstar® BioFerm
Automated Yeast Cell Counter

  • Yeast Cell Counting
  • Pitching Yeast
  • Brewing Yeast

Product Overview

 The Countstar® BioFerm Automatic Yeast Counter combines traditional Melanie or Methylene Violet staining with high-resolution imaging and intelligent image recognition for accurate and consistent detection of yeast concentration and viability with a powerful Data Management System.

Key Benefits

  • Fast and easy operation, 20s for each sample
  • Dilution Free ( 5x104 - 3x107 cells/ml )
  • Safe handling and disposal of samples with traditional stains such as Methylene Blue
  • Data easily comparable with a hemocytometer
  • Unique “Fixed Focus” image analysis provides reproducible data
  • Low cost and waste per test using disposable, each chamber slide with 5 chambers
  • Maintenance free
  • Yeast cell count calculator
Product feature
Product Performance Testing
Product Performance Testing
Diameter Measurement Comparison
Diameter Measurement Comparison

Reproducibility test (25 samples, two staining methods for comparison with the hemocytometer)

Mortality Rate Stability Test
Concentration Stability Test

Technical Specifications
Model: IY 1200
Test Item: Concentration, Mortality,Diameter, aggregation etc.
Sample Density: 1x104 - 3x107/ml
Sample Diameter: 2-180μm
Imaging element: 5 Megapixel,CMOS camera
Objective magnification: 5 X
Sample Volume: 20μL
Test Time: <20s

The Countstar® BioFerm is able to accurately count the yeast with diameter between 2 to 180μm.

Live Yeast Cell
Example 1: Live Yeast Cell
Dead Yeast Cell
Example 2: Dead Yeast Cell
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