The only Chinese Partner, Participate in the Car-T congress

The CAR-T Congress gathers thought leaders from biotech, big pharma, academia and investment to address the challenges and opportunities of CAR-T therapies in both liquid and solid tumors.  Discussing the potential of CARs in alternative cell types, mechanisms behind toxicity and tumor targeting, this event will provide an in-depth view of this expansive area.

Car-T Congress USA

Exploring ground-breaking developments into CAR-T therapy, the event will provide the opportunity to collaborate to create a commercially viable, effective and safe therapy.

Key session topics include:
  • Alternative cell constructs: TCRs, gamma delta T cells, CAR-NK & CAR-Tregs
  • Commercialisation, regulation & implementation
  • Safety, control & the underlying mechanisms of toxicity
  • Scalability, automation & process development
  • Target identification & neoantigen discovery
  • Patient access & strategic considerations
  • Investment & partnering workshops

event partners


Smart Cell Analysis

Introducing Countstar Cell Analysis Systems, a line of instruments with an innovative combination of advanced technologies. Countstar brings together the functionality of digital microscopes, cytometers and automated cell counters into its intuitively designed systems. By combining bright-field and fluorescent imaging with advanced image recognition technologies, extensive data on cell morphology, viability, concentration, cytotoxicity, apoptosis are generated in real time. Countstar Systems go further by generating high-resolution images, the essential basis for sophisticated data analysis. With more than 1,500 analyzers installed worldwide, Countstar analyzers are proven to be valuable tools in research, process development, and validated production environments.

The Countstar brand was inspired by the endless possibilities a person experiences when counting stars in the night sky. With this approach, Countstar explores the limits of technology. Countstar was founded by ALIT Life Sciences, an emerging manufacturer of innovative equipment and consumables for the biological research community. Headquartered in the high-tech district of Shanghai, ALIT Life Sciences develops and produces the analytical equipment of the future.
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