Countstar Appeared at the 56th China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition

In November 5, in the beautiful city Wuhan, also named Jiangcheng, autumn redden the maples. The 56th China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition (CIPM) was officially opened at the Wuhan International Exposition Center in the autumn of 2018. Alit Life Sciences showed up in a brilliant posture and were reviewed by visitors all over the world. Countstar's cell counting instrument, as the main exhibition product of Alit, has attracted numerous customers to visit and talk.

cell counter

Countstar was established in 2009. It belongs to Shanghai Ruiyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of ALIT Life Science. It is responsible for product development and production, and is committed to the research and development of modern cell analysis technology and instrument manufacturing. "Always keep your mind on one thing - do the best cell analyzer" is the operating principle of ALIT.

Based on the business philosophy of global R&D, global sales and Chinese production, ALIT Life Sience has established offices in Europe and has agents in both the United States and Europe.

Countstar cell analyzer is widely used in cell therapy, antibody technology development, quality control and scientific research. It has more than 200 customers in the field of cell therapy at home and abroad, and has become the designated brand of many well-known enterprises in the industry.
cell counter
cell counter
Countstar Full Automatic Fluorescent Cell Analyser is a quantitative analysis instrument based on image detection with multiple fluorescent channels by collecting cell information in the image. It combines fluorescence microscopy with statistical population analysis. It can provide both statistical data of cell population and images of individual cells, thus providing morphological information of cells. The unique image acquisition system generates both bright field and four fluorescent images, which makes the experimental results more intuitive.

Core characteristics:
1.Automatic detection of 5 samples with only one button;
2.Patent imaging technology and high sensitivity CCD make the result clear;
3.The size of one single sample is only 20uL;
4.Meet the GMP management regulations and FDA's 21 CFR Part 11;
5.Multichannel fluorescence analysis and customizable App;
6.Humanized software operation platform;
7.Minimalist design, equipped with sensitive touch screen at the same time.

In addition, at this exhibition, ALIT also has prepared exquisite gifts for both new and old consumers. If you have not received gifts, you are welcomed to our booth to participate in our lucky draw. Our booth number is A3-09-01.
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