Yeast Cell Analysis

Precise analysis of Yeast and Monitoring of Cell Growth

Yeast is a type of single-celled fungus with many attractive features that are widely used in the brewing industry, commercial production, environmental protection, and scientific research. Yeast has been commonly used in brewing and bread baking from a very long time ago, and many yeasts are used to produce a variety of feeds and industrial nutrients such as Single Cell Protein (SCP).
  • Key Benefits of Countstar BioFerm

    1. Fast and easy operation, 20s for each sample
    2. Dilution Free ( 5x104 - 3x107 cells/ml )
    3. Safe handling and disposal of samples with traditional stains such as Methylene Blue
    4. Yeast cell count and yeast cell size data is easily comparable with a hemocytometer
    5. Unique “Fixed Focus” image analysis provides reproducible data
    6. Low cost and waste per test using disposable, each chamber slide with 5 chambers
    7. Maintenance free
  • Counting of Yeast

    Counting of Yeast
    Figure 1 Counting of Yeast in Countstar BioFerm

    Only need to add 20 µl yeast suspension stained with Melanie, Countstar BioFerm can get the yeast concentration, mortality, diameter distribution, clump rate, roundness data within 20s.
  • Yeast Cell Size - Measurement of Diameter

    Measurement of Diameter

    Product Performance Testing
    Product Performance TestingProduct Performance Testing
    Countstar BioMarin data highly comparable with a hemocytometer, but more stable.

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