Bright Field Cell Analysis

Basis on classic trypan blue staining, integrating advanced optical imaging technology and intelligent image recognition technology.Countstar® Automated Cell Counter not only provide the cell concentration and viability, but also provide the average diameter and average circularity, and show the diameter range and aggregation of cells in histograms etc..

  • Cell Counting and Viability

  • Aggregated Cells

  • Cell Size

  • Growth Curve

Fluorescent Cell Analysis

The innovative Countstar® FL makes the analytical force of cell fluorescent assays much accessible with its handy all-in-one design and affordability. Provides both pictures and analytical results, Countstar® FL enables your data be witnessed by image proof.

  • Viability

  • Transfection Efficiency

  • CD marker

  • Cell Cycle

  • Cell Apoptosis

  • Cell Quality Control In Cell Therapy

  • Affinity of antibody

  • Investigating cytotoxicity