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Cell Counting Assay

The traditional method of cell counting is by manual counting on the hemocytometer. As we all that, manual counting using a hemocytomter involved in multiple error prone steps. The accuracy of result is highly depend on the experience and skill of operators. The Countstar automated cell counters are simple and easily use, designed to eliminate errors caused by human factor in manual counting and provide high reproductively and accurate cell counting result.


Countstar Automated Cell Counters Protocol

1.Mix the cell suspension at 1:1 with 0.2 % trypan blue
2.Inject 20 µL sample in Countstar chamber slide.
3.Load the counting chamber slide into the Counstar and analyze



Countstar easily comparable with a hemocytometer

Figure A. CHO series dilution counting result. Countstar results show higher stability result. Figure B. Correlation of Countstar and hemocytometer result (CHO series dilution).




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