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Countstar Rigel – Fast and Precise PBMC Analysis

December 29, 2021

In times of COVID-19 the analysis of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) and their CD-marker patterns are indispensable measurements that deliver important data to better understand the progression of an infection by SARS-CoV-2 in humans.

Normally a PBMC analysis of whole blood samples is a time consuming
process. The Countstar  Rigel shortens this analysis time significantly by using the AO/PI staining method. The instrument’s software reduces errorprone counting and steps in further analysis (diameter / aggregation rate).

The Countstar Rigel delivers precise and comparable results in addition to high-res images of CD4+ cells faster than the traditional flow cytometry approach. Beyond that, Countstar Rigel analysers have already proven their precision and reproducibility in many cGMP regulated manufacturing processes for vaccines and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) globally.

Ask your regional sales partner or contact us directly to schedule a demo or evaluation of the Countstar Rigel models. Our applications specialists are ready to assist you in introduction and training.


Fig. 1
Section of a bright field image, acquired from a whole blood PBMC sample by a Countstar Rigel S3, contains a lot of debris, platelets and other undefined objects


Fig. 2
Overlay image, same section, cells stained by AO/PI, Channel 1 (Ex/Em 480nm / 535/40nm) Channel 2 (Ex/Em: 525nm / 580/25nm : Red: dead cell, Green: viable cell, Orange: non-labelled, unspecific object


Fig. 3
Flow cytometry data compared to Countstar Rigel results, quantifying the CD3-FITC and CD4-PE labelling of immune cells stimulated by IL-6



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