Zhuhai's first successful neural stem cell transplantation

Zhuhai city successfully completed an international cutting-edge stem cell transplantation surgery, which effect is noticeable.

In August, a sudden car accident left 25-year-old Avan (not his real name) with head injury. After rescue, he was out of danger, but he suffered from mental retardation and severe memory loss. He can't remember anything before. He couldn’t speak clearly and spoke at a very slow speed, a little like "mentally handicapped children". And the symptoms get worse over time. The family was distraught.

Director of brain surgery of some hospital of zhuhai city says, because traffic accident causes heavy head injury - central nervous system is damaged, reason appears afore-mentioned symptom. Regeneration and repair of central nervous system has always been a difficult problem in medical field. After the central nervous system is damaged, damaged neurons are difficult to regenerate, making it difficult to cure neurological diseases.

On December 13, the hospital performed its first stem cell transplantation, which was also zhuhai's first. After surgery, after ten days of observation, avatar's mother was surprised to find that her daughter's symptoms were significantly reduced, "things I couldn't remember before can now be answered, there has been a marked increase in intelligence and thinking, as well as a gradual improvement in the speed of speech." There was hope on her face. She said they were preparing to give her the next stem cell transplant in order to get her back on her feet.

Avan uses embryonic stem cells, also known as neural stem cells, because they are used primarily for neurological diseases. For sequelae of cerebral trauma, the implementation of stem cell transplantation, stem cells along with the cerebrospinal fluid circulation, automatically find the diseased tissue, differentiate into nerve cells, repair the damaged nervous system, make its function can be restored and improved, greatly reduce the occurrence of sequelae and improve the sequelae. Parkinson's disease, pediatric cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, cerebral hemorrhage, traumatic brain injury and other neurological diseases are the application scope, the most common case is the stroke paralyzed people stand up.
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