Wang huailin, a ningxia expert, purified leading stem cells

Wang huailin, chairman of ningxia zhonglianda biological co., LTD., is the first in the world to master the key link of stem cell therapy -- stem cell extraction and purification technology and clinical treatment technology, and is rated as the first in China to master the core stem cell technology by the American counterparts.

Wang huilin is a member of stem cell specialty committee, associate chief physician and associate professor of engineering branch of Chinese medical association. Lead researcher at Canada's Wealthlin stem cell institute, who has studied and worked in LABS at several immunology, biological research institutes in the United States and Canada. In a number of scientific research results, "bone marrow, umbilical cord blood nuclear cell kit" has been widely used in clinical treatment of stem cells, more than 20 provinces in the country nearly more than 200 hospitals above grade iii use, in the treatment of liver cirrhosis, diabetic foot, occlusive vasculitis, cerebral infarction, nerve injury and other diseases has a significant effect.
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