Tumor treatment needs: changing concept and innovative technology

"The rise of stem cell technology is a revolution in biomedicine. It is also a very hot and promising frontier of medicine, and brings hope for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Professor wang, an expert in cancer therapy, said: "the immune system function of the human body, whether for prevention and cancer, health and longevity, is a very important physiological function, and stem cells are the main source of enhancing the immune function and repairing the immune system. Combining emerging stem cell therapies with traditional Chinese and western therapies can yield better therapeutic results."

"Stem cell transplantation may stimulate the body to produce antibodies by secreting cytokines, thus improving the body's immunity. It can also act on tumor cells through antigen-antibody reaction, targeting and killing tumor cells in the body, and can directly phagocytosis of tumor cells, and prevent tumor recurrence and metastasis. The integrated treatment of traditional Chinese and western medicine and stem cell biotechnology has a positive effect in improving clinical symptoms, removing tumor cells, preventing recurrence and metastasis, reducing patients' pain, improving quality of life and extending survival time.

In the clinical study and observation of the application of stem cells combined with traditional Chinese and western medicine in the treatment of advanced malignant tumors, it has been shown that it has a broad spectrum and effective killing and inhibiting effect on a variety of advanced malignant tumors, and can significantly improve the immune function of patients without adverse reactions. A lot of people because long-term physical strength overdraws, make the cell inside airframe cannot get seasonable repair, the body appears all sorts of unwell, this is so-called inferior health condition, this kind of condition cannot get seasonable improvement, can transform into substantial disease. Repair and regeneration function can inhibit the system transformation trend of disease to enhance immunity, prevention of disease occurrence, eliminate fatigue, restore physical fitness, improve the nervous system, improve sleep quality, enhance memory, prevent alzheimer's disease, and promote microcirculation, enhance organ function has a significant effect, and stem cell transplantation can effectively prevent sub-health.
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