Tsinghua university stem cell and regenerative medicine center was founded

Beijing, March 18 (xinhua) -- tsinghua university's pioneering BBS center for stem cell and regenerative medicine (bb0) was held in Beijing on the morning of March 18. Kang kejun, vice President of tsinghua university and shi yigong, executive vice President of medical college addressed the meeting. Lin haifan, director of Yale stem cell center, zhou qi, director of institute of animal sciences, Chinese academy of sciences, and pei duanqing, President of guangzhou institute of biomedicine and health, Chinese academy of sciences, and other experts from home and abroad made academic exchanges at the meeting. Experts from home and abroad in the field of stem cell research, leaders from the ministry of science and technology and Beijing municipal commission of science and technology attended the meeting.

Stem cell biology and regenerative medicine are the basis of emerging cell therapies. Using stem cells' ability to differentiate and transform, scientists are expected to treat degenerative, necrotizing, and damaging diseases, such as alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and retinal degeneration, that currently have poor clinical outcomes. The modern stem cell transplantation therapy based on the principle of regeneration, regeneration, replacement and regeneration is called regenerative medicine. This is a new treatment mode of modern clinical medicine, which has a great influence on the development of medical treatment theory, treatment and rehabilitation policy, and is also one of the key high-tech fields in recent years, including China.

In the process of building a world-class university, tsinghua university has always attached great importance to life science and medicine. Tsinghua university school of medicine focuses on stem cell science, which is the forefront and hotspot of biomedical research, and focuses on the establishment of stem cell and regenerative medicine center. Led by professor ting xie of the Stowers research institute and professor red army song of Johns Hopkins, the center has formed a core team of outstanding young scientists for stem cell research. Its members include professor guo wei, professor ji jia-kui, professor shen qin, professor shen xiaohua and associate professor na jie. They have strong research strength in many stem cell fields, including embryonic stem cells, reproductive stem cells, neural stem cells, blood stem cells, cancer stem cells and epigenetic regulation of stem cells.
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