The world's first genetically modified cloned buffalo has been born in Guangxi

The world's first genetically modified cloned buffalo was born at 4:15 am on December 19 at jinguang dairy buffalo farm, a scientific research base of guangxi university. This transgenic cloned buffalo is a male twin calf, one of which weighs 20.5 kg and survives normally. The other, weighing 14kg, died. The head and limbs of transgenic cloned buffalo expressed the green fluorescent protein marker gene obviously under ultraviolet lamp.

Transgenic cloning is one of the national key scientific research projects of transgenic science and technology led by Shi Deshun, dean of college of animal science and technology, Guangxi university. He told reporters that genetically modified cloning is the current field of biotechnology cutting-edge high-tech, it is based on somatic cell cloning integration of genetic engineering and other technologies developed by a multidisciplinary new technology. The research group of animal germplasm resources innovation under his leadership has overcome a series of technical problems, such as low cell vigor of buffalo and gene silencing after nuclear transplantation, through the transformation of transgenic vectors and the improvement of cell transfection and screening methods, and established a set of buffalo transgenic cloning technology system. The birth of transgenic buffaloes on May 19 is a major breakthrough in the national major gmo project "breeding new varieties of transgenic buffaloes with high fertility and high milk yield" and the 863 project "research on new technologies of animal and plant biorefinery".

In order to accelerate the improvement of buffaloes in China, the research group of Shi Deshun has carried out a lot of systematic and extensive research on buffaloes transgenic technology since the first somatic cell cloning buffaloes in the world was obtained in 2005. The transgenic buffaloes technique mediated by microinsemination and transgenic buffaloes technology mediated by lentivirus have been established successively. On December 2, 2010, the world's first transgenic buffalo dragon and phoenix calf with single sperm microinsemination was successfully obtained at 14:00 in guangxi buffalo research institute, a scientific research cooperation base. On December 17, 2010, the world's first lentivirus-mediated transgenic buffalo male calf was obtained at 8:00. Shi deshun told reporters that in the future, there will be many more transgenic cloned buffaloes and transgenic buffaloes. This marks that guangxi university has taken the lead in mastering a series of technologies of transgenic buffalo production internationally, which has made a solid step for the cultivation of new transgenic buffalo varieties in China and the research and development of new efficient buffalo breast bioreactor.
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