The pigs' somatic cells were successfully grown into pluripotent stem cells

The Shanghai institute of life sciences is the first in the world to grow pluripotent stem cells from pig cells. Pluripotent stem cells are cells that can be induced to grow into any cell in the body. If the experiment is successful, perhaps in the future people could adopt a pig and wait for it to grow a heart or other organ for their own use. The results could be used in medicine within a decade.

As we all know, stem cells are underdifferentiated cells with self-renewal and differentiation potential in human body, which have extensive application prospects in medicine. Embryonic stem cells, on the other hand, have the potential to be "omnipotent", able to differentiate into any type of body cell.

Embryonic stem cells can develop any organ in the body, is the universal pluripotent stem cell

Its full name of "induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS), the stem cells and embryonic stem cells (from the early embryonic pluripotent cells), has the multi-function of differentiation potential, can control in the laboratory conditions, the development of cells of heart, liver, kidney and other cells.
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