The incidence of gastric cancer ranks the first among all kinds of tumors in China, and nearly half

At present, one out of every four cancer deaths in China is gastric cancer. Beijing, Jan. 29 (xinhua) -- this year's world cancer day will aim to reduce the risk of cancer through scientific measures such as sun protection, healthy diet, moderate exercise and avoidance of passive smoking, the Beijing municipal health bureau said.

February 4th is the 11th world cancer day. Mso Yu, deputy director of the Beijing health bureau, said gastric cancer is the most common cancer in China. In the second national investigation of the causes of death from 1990 to 1992 organized by the ministry of health, the death rate of gastric cancer accounted for 23.2% of all cancer deaths in China. According to the Beijing institute of cancer research, the incidence of gastric cancer in Beijing is 18.995 per 100,000, and remains high.

It is reported that the incidence of gastric cancer is more insidious, nearly half of early gastric cancer patients without clinical symptoms, only part of the mild indigestion and other symptoms, such as abdominal pain discomfort, slight fullness, pain, nausea. Therefore, gastroscopy is the ultimate diagnostic method for population screening.

Mao Yu said that the prevention of gastric cancer, should develop good eating habits, do diet timing and quantitative, avoid overeating and eating too hot too fast; Eat less or do not eat pickles, eat less or do not eat smoked Fried food, do not eat moldy food, do not smoke, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.
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