The 35th Guangzhou international beauty expo will present the latest high-tech products

Staying young, staying beautiful, delaying aging and enhancing vitality are the common dreams of all mankind! Technology companies by Canada Wilson, vanda r&d and production of biological co., LTD., and won the national patent certificate and the state food and drug registration certificate of the latest high-tech products "adipose stem cells treatment kit" and "special stem cell anti-aging treatment reagent kit" appearance in the 35th annual guangzhou international art fair, came out of the product will make people's dreams become a reality.

Canadian company, vanda Wilson of biological co., LTD. is a global master stem cell separation, the core technology of high-tech companies, the production of the bone marrow, cord blood stem cell treatment kits listed are widely used in more than two years alone nearly 300 3 armour hospital, in the treatment of liver cirrhosis, difficult diseases such as diabetes, nerve injury has achieved amazing curative effect, make the reborn a large number of patients with incurable disease, create a another the miracle of life!

“Fat stem cell treatment kit” and “Anti-aging stem cell treatment kit” are specially applied in medical plastic surgery and beauty institutions, which have incomparable advantages and infinite bright market prospects in beauty, breast enhancement and anti-aging.
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