Taiwan's breakthrough in regenerative medicine could rejuvenate stem cells

Central university and Cathay hospital of Taiwan recently published a new stem cell technology that reduces the time required to grow stem cells from five hours to half an hour, according to media reports. Combined with the internationally popular human induced universal stem cells (ips) technology, the technology can rejuvenate mature cells and stimulate the maximum regeneration capacity.

It is reported that stem cells are cells that have the ability to differentiate in the body. Through induction, they can develop cells that can organize kidney, nerve, blood vessels, etc. It can be used to repair or replace damaged tissues or organs, or even to treat serious diseases such as cancer, which is an important indicator in medicine.

"Central university" and "cathay Pacific" hospital team, has successfully developed a hematopoietic stem cells in vitro culture techniques, in combination with nano biomedical material, provide stem cells quickly collect training methods, take 5 hours compared to traditional methods, the direct culture method need only half an hour, and the sooner to produce stem cells from cord blood and other sources, the resulting stem cells is more young, preservation of more complete, its regeneration ability also is stronger.

"Cathay" hospital clinical research center director Lin Qingdong explanation, this technology is focused on the source of stem cells "self-sufficiency", can make mature cell rejuvenation, approximate just pregnant time state, has the development potential of various cells, so without sacrificing embryos, there is no ethical controversy, also won't derivative virus infection risk, it is a breakthrough of the regenerative medicine.
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