Sweden has successfully carried out tracheal transplantation from autologous stem cells

The karolinska institute announced July 7 that an international team of medical experts has successfully transplanted tracheal tissue from a patient's own stem cell for the first time. The karolinska institute said in a statement that the transplant was carried out in a 36-year-old man with advanced tracheal cancer. Despite chemotherapy, the tumor continued to grow and almost completely blocked the trachea. Since there is no suitable transplant type, the trachea tissue needed for transplantation can only be obtained from the patient's own stem cells.

The international team, led by professor Paul macchiarini of the karolinska institute, used a special bioreactor to grow tracheal tissue and operated on the patient on June 9 at the hudinger hospital in Stockholm. The patient is in good condition so far.

The patients who received the treatment did not show rejection and were therefore not required to take immunosuppressive medicine, the statement said. The transplant means that patients who need a trachea transplant do not have to wait for a donor organ, and the cure rate is significantly higher if the patient is treated early in the disease. In addition, this treatment is more meaningful for children with tracheal disease because of the scarcity of tracheal donation resources for children.
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