Stem cells reshape the beauty and the youth

With the growth of age, skin stem cells will gradually age, and the ability of proliferation and differentiation will gradually decrease, new cells will be reduced, and the overall metabolic capacity of the skin will decline, resulting in skin collapse, pigment deposition, collagen fiber and elastic fiber become brittle, fracture and collapse, resulting in wrinkles.

Stem cell anti-wrinkle, through the extraction of autologous blood, with a newborn umbilical cord blood, after strict isolation and culture of stem cells, proliferation and production of the serum preparation high purity of stem cells, after enter human body through blood migrate to the skin, rapid proliferation differentiation of epidermal cells of millions of times, at any time according to the needs of the new skin system surplus active cells, rapid metabolism of pigment waste, such as inhibition of reducing discoloration; Young cells have excellent water retention, enough to restore delicate and smooth aging skin; Meanwhile, a large amount of collagen and elastin are synthesized to repair the collapsed network structure, restore the elasticity and texture of the skin, and restore the youthful and white luster.

Stem cell wrinkle removal, one injection can solve the five major skin aging problems:

Enhance firming: effective treatment of loose, sagging, lack of elasticity of the skin, so as to achieve the effect of firming and lifting!

Comprehensive wrinkle removal: effective treatment of forehead lines, sichuan character lines, crow's feet lines, fine lines around the eyes, law lines, mouth wrinkles and neck lines!

End the panda eyes: it can effectively improve bags under the eyes, tighten the skin, accelerate the micro circulation around the eyes, remove dark circles, and end panda eyes!

Freckle and whitening: effectively fade sunburn spots, chloasma and other kinds of spots, improve pigmentation, whitening skin!

Improve skin quality: effectively improve the rough and dull skin, large pores, telangiectasia and other problems, restore delicate and white!
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