Stem cell therapy for eye diseases has entered the experimental stage

A revolutionary new technology that promises to restore vision has entered the hands of volunteers and could be a boon to patients with eye problems.

According to foreign media reports, the trial is being conducted in the United States, but patients in the United Kingdom will also undergo the trial in the fall. If the trial is completely successful, it will change the future of tens of millions of people.

Robert Lanza, a leader in stem cell research, has found that one of the main cells, a mixture of vitamins and chemicals, can be injected into an eye to treat an eye disease.

Embryonic stem cells have been injected into the eyes of two female volunteers to treat common eye diseases, including genetic disorders and age-related macular degeneration. In the next few weeks, a woman in her 70s and a woman in her 20s will begin treatment. It could take months to improve vision, but if successful, the technology could be widely available within the next two years.

'our hope is that the Technology will be a reality for a few other eye diseases, rather than just one or two specific ones,' says Dr. Lanza, of the Massachusetts biotech firm Advanced Cell Technology. This is the second embryonic stem cell trial, the first in the United States last year, which was in order to treat paralysis.
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