Stem cell therapy for diabetes

The treatment of diabetes has always been mainly based on drugs, but with the development of the disease, the dosage increases and the curative effect becomes worse, in particular, the life condition of diabetic patients is extremely poor due to the ritina, concomitant cardiac and renal damage. Doctors have tried to treat diabetes with islet cell transplants, but rejection has kept the success rate low.

Stem cells are used to treat diabetes by intravenous infusion, most of the stem cells can not play a role in the tail of the pancreas "nest". Can now with the aid of surgical minimally invasive technique, the transplanted stem cells directly into the pancreatic tail around, make its "homing rate greatly increased, significantly improved the survival rate and hypoglycemic effect, to shorten time from 60 days to five days had marked effect, treatment costs, too, fell, and don't need to wear and chemotherapy, patients may operate without chemotherapy without insulin.
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