Stem cell therapy for cerebellar atrophy has yielded promising results

Cerebellar atrophy, a worldwide problem that has plagued the medical community, has recently achieved encouraging results in a stem cell center in a hospital of the Shanghai people's liberation army.

According to the director of the hospital's stem cell center, stem cells are special cells that exist in every organ of the body. They can not only divide indefinitely, but also transform into all kinds of cells needed by the body. This holds great hope for the treatment of diseases caused by the inability of neurons to regenerate.

Allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells are used for intracerebral transplantation to treat the atrophic disease of cerebellum. In this way, a certain number of stem cells are transplanted into the patient's cerebellum through vein, artery, cerebrospinal fluid or brain tissue, so as to restore the atrophic cerebellum tissue and restore the function of cerebellum. The advantages of this therapy are small trauma, quick effect, high repeatability, comprehensive improvement of symptoms, and no occurrence of immune rejection.
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