Stem Cell Therapy Can Repair Injured Heart

Researchers released laboratory research results at the American Heart Congress on the 24th. Stem cell therapy has shown positive effects on patients with heart injury, and it can repair part of the function of their impaired heart.

The American College of Cardiology conference is currently being held in Chicago. Researchers at the Texas Heart Research Institute presented their latest findings at the conference. Stem cell therapy can restore the pumping function of necrotic hearts. In the three-year study, 92 patients with severe chronic heart disease, with an average age of 63, were selected as subjects. These patients had suffered from angina or heart failure, and their blood pumping function was 45% lower than normal. Because of their serious condition, they were unable to accept coronary artery stenting and other operations. 

In the study, researchers divided the patients into two groups: a placebo control group and a stem cell therapy group. In stem cell therapy, researchers extract stem cells from their own bone marrow and then inject them into the left ventricle. 

The results showed that compared with placebo control group, stem cell therapy increased the pumping capacity by an average of 2.7%, repairing some of the original necrotic heart function. Researchers say this is the largest study of stem cell therapy for heart disease so far, and it is a new way to treat chronic heart disease, especially for left ventricular dysfunction in the future.

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