South Korea has developed a second stem cell treatment

A second stem-cell treatment, hearticellgram-ami, is expected to be approved this month after South Korea won approval for the world's first stem-cell treatment for coronary heart disease, yonhap news agency said.

South Korea's food and drug agency said it may approve production licenses for medi-post's cartilage regeneration drug Cartistem and Anterogen's anal fistula treatment Cuepistem and some others, by the middle of this month.

Medi-post's Cartistem is a drug specifically tailored to treat degenerative arthritis and damaged knee cartilage, based on stem cells extracted from umbilical cord blood, according to the report. It is worth noting that Cartistem does not use the patient's own stem cells, but other people's stem cells, so if the production license is obtained, it will be the world's first treatment drug produced using other people's stem cells. The advantage is that it can be mass produced.

Anterogen's Cuepistem is a drug created from stem cells taken from a patient's own adipose tissue to treat a complex clonogenic anal fistula.
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