Sixty-four major national scientific research projects will be launched this year, with an investmen

China science and technology news on 3id, the national important scientific research projects continue to adhere to prospective deployment this year, in the protein study, quantum control, nano science research, development and reproduction research, global change research and stem cell research areas and so on six big project was a total of sixty-four, a total of 1.56 billion yuan.

At the same time, the well-known project 973 (the national key basic research and development program), which aims to benefit hundreds of millions of people, has received more than 1 billion yuan in funding this year.

First, we launched 11 pilot projects on major scientific issues, including "research on high-temperature superconducting materials and physics".
Second, the newly established fields of manufacturing and engineering science;
Third, we launched and implemented nearly 20 national science and technology projects related to large-scale oil and gas development, optoelectronic devices, infectious diseases, new drug discovery, integrated circuits, large-scale equipment, earth observation, and manned space flight.
Fourth, nearly 30 projects will be deployed in strategic emerging industries, including energy conservation and environmental protection, electric vehicles, new energy, biotechnology, new-generation information technology and new materials.
The fifth is the backbone parents around food crops, rice molecular design breeding, natural forest and grassland soil carbon sequestration, electromagnetic radiation and air particulate matter a health hazard, atherosclerosis, and the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes mellitus, major engineering disaster, speed of 500 km under the condition of high-speed train, etc, the deployment of nearly 40 projects, strengthen the support of agriculture and the livelihood of the people.

During the 11th five-year plan period, a total of 11.5 billion yuan was allocated for the 973 program and the national major scientific research program, 497 projects were launched, nearly 30,000 scientific researchers were supported, and more than 130,000 invention patents were granted.
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