Scientists have made new breakthroughs in stem cell research, boosting the development of new cancer

Following the discovery last year that vitamin C accelerates ips stem cells, a team led by Pei Duanqing, director of the Guangzhou institute of biomedicine and health, Chinese academy of sciences, has made a breakthrough in stem cell research: they have discovered the mechanism by which somatic cells reverse the activation of pluripotent stem cells, a process that is the exact opposite of cancer. Based on this principle, further research on the occurrence and treatment of tumor can be carried out, and the development of new tumor drugs can be promoted.

This is a reporter from the 13th Chinese students studying in Guangzhou science and technology exchange conference special topic BBS · the third guangzhou international stem cell and regenerative medicine BBS and 973 project launch ceremony learned. Guangzhou deputy mayor Gong Erzhen attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

International authoritative academic journals in the cells, stem cells, the research results at the same time, also published at Harvard University, Dr Hou klinger, thought the work reveals the mesenchymal - epidermal cells conversion process on the key role of induced pluripotent stem cells form, at the same time also shows the reprogrammed cells, the development process with strikingly similar canceration process. The study revealed the initiation mechanism of somatic cells turning back into pluripotent stem cells, which has guiding significance for the improvement of induced pluripotent stem cell technology and the treatment of diseases.
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