Research progress on susceptibility genes of schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a complex mental disease regulated by multiple genes. It is one of the most common psychosis characterized by the division of basic personality, thinking, emotion and behavior, and the disharmony between mental activities and environment. With the development of research methods and the increasing sample size, many new susceptibility genes for schizophrenia have been discovered.

According to Li Ming, a doctoral candidate in kunming institute of animal sciences, CMYA5 was found to be a new susceptibility gene for schizophrenia in a recent study of European populations and populations of African descent in the United States by the university of Virginia.

To explore CMYA5 in China is the susceptibility genes of schizophrenia in the population, such as li Ming with the Chinese academy of medical sciences institute of basic medical, psychiatric hospital in yunnan province, such as yuxi city second people's hospital and the university of Virginia unit cooperation, for Beijing, China and yunnan region 5605 case-control samples to the genetic analysis of the system.

Study found that people in Europe CMYA5 in a significantly associated with schizophrenia, the sequence of polymorphic loci is not associated with schizophrenia, and the other one in Europe caused wide public concern over the site of the crowd were significantly associated with schizophrenia, confirmed CMYA5 in China is also a susceptibility genes of schizophrenia in the crowd.
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