Research in Singapore has found stem cells that can repair the lungs

A research team in Singapore has identified the specific types of stem cells involved in lung tissue's ability to repair itself, the Singapore bureau of science, technology and research announced. The discovery could help understand how lung tissue is repaired.

Researchers at the genetics and molecular biology institutes, part of the science and technology research council, and a number of medical researchers have found a strong link between distal stem cells and the formation of alveoli.

Three types of stem cells -- distal stem cells, tracheal stem cells and nasal epithelial stem cells -- were cloned from different areas of the body. Although the stem cells were 99 percent alike, only the distal stem cells ended up with new alveoli in the test tube.

The researchers said the study showed that the repair function of adult stem cells corresponds to the site of origin. The new findings are of great significance to the research on the repair of lung tissue injury.
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