Japanese Research: Reasons of the Difficulty to Completely Kill Cancer Stem cells

Xinhua Tokyo, April 3 (Reporter Lan Jianzhong) A new study in Japan has found that cancer stem cells, which play an important role in the pathogenesis and recurrence of cancer, can secrete all kinds of proteins necessary for their survival. If this mechanism can be destroyed, it is hopeful to prevent the recurrence of cancer.

Cancer stem cells refer to cancer cells with stem cell nature, which have the ability of "self-replication" and "multi-cell differentiation". These cells are thought to have the potential to form tumors and even develop into cancers. Nowadays, cancer treatment mainly kills cancer cells through drugs and radiotherapy. However, if there are residual cancer stem cells, cancer cells will proliferate again, and the technology of killing cancer stem cells completely has not made significant progress.

Researchers at the Institute of Medical Sciences of Tokyo University reported in the new online edition of the Journal of the National Academy of Sciences that they had successfully extracted cancer stem cells from cancer tissues of breast cancer patients. The study found that cancer stem cells could secrete various substances necessary for their survival, including proteins needed for cell division and self-replication.

The team also found that substances secreted by cancer stem cells also enter the blood. Researchers say this finding means that blood tests can be used to detect whether cancer stem cells are increasing, which is expected to provide early diagnosis of cancer incidence and recurrence.
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