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Countstar BioMed

The analyzer for stem cell monitoring, immune system response assays, cancer research, cell based therapies development and PBMC analysis

The Countstar BioMed combines a 5 megapixel sCMOS color camera with our patented “Fixed Focus Technology” equipped full metal optical bench. It has a 5x magnification objective integrated to acquire images in high resolution. The Countstar BioMed measures simultaneously cell concentration, viability, diameter distribution, average roundness, and aggregation rate in a single test sequence. Our proprietary software algorithms have been tuned for sophisticated, and detailed cell recognition, based on the classic Trypan Blue exclusion staining method. The Countstar BioMed is capable of analysing even small eukaryotic cells, such as PBMCs, T-lymphocytes, and NK cells.


Technical Features / User Benefits

Combining technical features of all Countstar bright field analyzers, using an increased magnification,  enables the operator of the Countstar BioMed to analyze a wide range of cell types found in biomedical research and process development .


  • 5x magnification objective
    Cells with diameters starting from 3 μm up to 180 μm can be analyzed – allowing users to see all details of the cells
  • Unique 5 chamber slide design
    The slide designs allows consecutive analysis of five (5) samples in a single sequence
  • Sophisticated image analysis algorithms
    Advanced image analysis algorithms of the Countstar BioMed allow a detailed look – even into complex cell cultures
  • User access management, electronic signatures, and log files
    The Countstar BioMed has a 4-level user access management, encrypted image and result data storage, and a consistent operation log in compliance with FDA cGxP regulations (21CFR Part 11)
  • Customizable PDF result reports
    The operator can customize details of the PDF report template, if necessary
  • Secure data base
    Acquired images and results are stored in a protected, encrypted data base
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Technical Features

Principle of a cell based therapy concept with the Countstar BioMed as important tool in quality control



Wide range of applications

The Countstar BioMed can analyze objects in a size range from 3 μm to 180 μm in diameter. This includes PBMCs, other mammalian cells, and insect cells.



Smart and fast

Within only 20 seconds, just following 3 steps in the intuitive graphical user interface, a result is generated.



Imaging technology with advanced aggregate analysis

The 5 megapixel sCMOS color camera in combination with the 5x magnification lens and the patented Fixed Focus Technology provides contrast-rich details. The large field of view allows for a  high statistical accuracy.



Aggregate cell analysis

The Counststar BioMed algorithms are capable of detecting single cells inside a complex aggregate



Sophisticated data analysis tools

Direct comparisons of growth curves, or single result data of different samples such as concentration, viability and diameter allow for  an advanced data analysis


Cost-efficient and sustainable consumables

A single Countstar chamber slide accommodates up to 5 samples in parallel, minimizing time, waste, and running costs. In a clean room environment, each slide is sealed separately in a plastic cover to guarantee particle-free chambers before use.



Standard Particle Suspensions and Validation Services

The system suitability of the Counststar BioMed can be checked at any time with our proprietary standard particle solutions. For an integration of the Counststar BioMed into cGxP regulated environments, we offer customized  an IQ/OQ protocol design and validation execution service.


Technical Specifications



Technical Specifications
Data Output Concentration, Viability, Diameter, Aggregation Rate, Roundness
Measurement Range 5.0 x 104 – 5.0 x 107/ml
Size Range 2 – 180 μm
Chamber Volume 20 μl
Measurement Time <20 Seconds
Result Formats JPEG/PDF/MS-Excel spreadsheet
Throughput 5 Samples / Countstar Chamber Slide



Slide Specifications
Material Poly-(Methyl) Methacrylate (PMMA)
Dimensions: 75 mm (w) x 25 mm (d) x 1.8 mm (h)
Chamber Depth: 190 ± 3 μm (only 1.6% deviation  in height for high accuracy)
Chamber Volume 20 μl



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