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Countstar BioMarine

Counting and analyzing the morphologies of green algae, ciliates, and diatoms of various morphology

Integrating advanced optical technology and sophisticated image recognition algorithms, the Countstar BioMarine is the automated algae analyzer for professionals. Developed to accurately measure the concentration and morphological characteristics of algae ciliates and diatoms, the BioMarine provides accurate counting results and unrivaled reproducibility, saving you valuable time, cost, and energy.

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Product details








Comprehensive algae information

The Countstar BioMarine can count and classify algae of different shapes. The analyzer automatically calculates algae concentration, major and minor axis length, and generates growth curves of single data sets, if selected.





Wide-ranging compatibility

The Countstar BioMarine algorithms are capable of differentiating between different shapes of algae and diatoms (e.g. spherical, elliptical, tubular, filamentous, and cateniform) with an axis length of 2 μm to 180 μm.


Left: Result of Cylindrotheca Fusiformis by Countstar Algae    Right: Result of Dunaliella Salina by Countstar Algae




High-resolution images

With the 5-megapixel color camera, advanced image recognition algorithms and patented fixed focus technology, the Countstar BioMarine generates highly detailed images, with accurate and precise counting results.



Differential Image Analysis

The Countstar BioMarine classifies different forms of algae in a complex image situation – a differential analysis allows the classification of various algae shapes and sizes in the same image. 







Accurate and Excellent Reproducibility

Compared to traditional hemocytometer counts, results acquired by the Countstar BioMarine show optimized linearity and allows for a wider range of measurement.




Standard deviation analysis of Countstar BioMarine data, generated with the algae Selanestrum bibraianum, clearly demonstrates the low coefficient of variation compared to hemocytometer counts.




Technical Specifications



Technical Specifications
Data Concentration, Viability, Diameter, Aggregation Rate, Compact
Measurement range 5.0 x 104 – 5.0 x 107/ml
Size Range 2 – 180 μm
Chamber Volume 20 μl
Measurement Time <20 Seconds
Result Format JPEG/PDF/Excel spreadsheet
Throughput 5 Samples / Countstar Chamber Slide



Slide Specifications
Material Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)
Dimensions: 75 mm (w) x 25 mm (d) x 1.8 mm (h)
Chamber Depth: 190 ± 3 μm (only 1.6% deviation for high accuracy)
Chamber Volume 20 μl



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