Pan changyu: the harm of diabetes comes from its serious complications

"What's scary about diabetes as a chronic disease is the range of serious complications it can cause. Heart disease, blindness, kidney disease, amputation, no matter which one of the complications, once occurred, will undoubtedly bring great pain and burden to patients and families, even life-threatening. This is the warning that was given out by professor Pan changyu, chief physician of endocrinology department of the general hospital of the people's liberation army of China and others issued to the public and the media at the sanofi media roundtable held recently in Singapore at the asia-pacific annual meeting of the American diabetes association.

The rising incidence of diabetes in recent years has made diabetes a global public health problem. During the two-day meeting, experts in the field of diabetes including China discussed and exchanged views on the current situation of diabetes in the asia-pacific region and the standard of diabetes treatment.

Experts have also made a financial calculation for diabetics: by ignoring glucose monitoring and sticking to treatment, it is easy to ignore the silent onset of diabetes complications. Studies have shown that the cost of treating diabetes complications is about three or four times the cost of direct hypoglycemic treatment. Moreover, according to the monitoring situation, doctors can timely and appropriately adjust the treatment plan, so it can also help to improve the effectiveness and safety of treatment, optimize drug treatment and lifestyle intervention, and at the end of the day it can improve the quality of life.

Experts suggest that the patients with insulin treatment, the amount of insulin will vary according to the situation of blood glucose monitoring. Many patients are wary of raising insulin doses when their blood sugar is poorly controlled. In order to ensure the blood sugar reaches the standard smoothly, patients should first consult the attending doctor, adjust the dose scientifically and reasonably, and avoid affecting the disease control.
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