On the 10th anniversary of the restart of the Chinese bone marrow bank, 2142 hematopoietic stem cell

Beijing, May 16 (xinhua The third annual meeting of the Chinese bone marrow bank (CMM) and the 10th anniversary celebration of the restart of the CMM bank were held on June 16. The CMM bank has a capacity of more than 1.28 million and has successfully donated 2,142 hematopoietic stem cells. Hua jianmin, vice chairman of the NPC standing committee and President of the Red Cross society of China, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

According to the introduction, until April 2011, China marrow bank had established 31 provincial libraries, 29 HLA (human leukocyte antigen) tissue matching laboratories, 7 HLA high resolution typing confirmation laboratories and 1 quality control laboratory. At present, the capacity of the Chinese bone marrow bank has reached more than 1.28 million copies, and the number of hematopoietic stem cells donated has reached 2,142 cases. By 2015, the Chinese bone marrow bank will have a capacity of 2 million.

China is a populous country with a large number of patients waiting for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, hua jianmin pointed out at the conference. It is necessary and important to construct the Chinese bone marrow bank, which is the important work of the Red Cross society of China in the field of humanitarian assistance. In 2001, the Red Cross society of China to restart the CDMP data bank construction, adhere to protect the lives and health of humanitarian purposes, after 10 years hard work, the CDMP data bank from a little-known understanding and attention by the society, new things, become a social love together, have the brand of social credibility and influence, become the world's largest Chinese the CDMP data bank. The establishment of the China bone marrow bank not only provides a platform for donors to offer great love and save lives, but also gives new life to millions of broken families. It has promoted social harmony, enhanced the recognition and credibility of the Red Cross in people's minds and exerted a good influence on the international community.

Hope the CDMP data bank for ten years, he said, as a new starting point, continue to vigorously carry forward the "humanitarian, fraternity and dedication" spirit of the Red Cross, adhering to the tenet of all for one, one for all, play advantage, strengthen the construction of scientific development, efforts to increase the rate of usable capacity, capacity utilization and transplant survival rate, further improve the service consciousness and service quality, enhance the credibility and influence, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, to build a world-class the CDMP data bank target to move.
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