Ningxia Zhonglianda: we need to build a domestic first-class stem cell drug enterprise

Cell therapy is the fourth largest treatment method after "physical therapy, drug therapy and surgical therapy". It provides patients with incurable cell injury diseases with an additional choice and survival opportunity. In 2011, the world's first stem cell therapy drug was born in South Korea, which once again aroused people's attention on stem cell medical technology. Stem cell medical technology has been rated as the most promising technology in the field of biological science in the 21st century. In China, although the policy on stem cell drugs is not clear, the research on stem cell medical technology has made considerable achievements.

In ningxia, there is a company that takes the lead in mastering the key link of stem cell therapy in the world -- stem cell extraction and purification technology, clinical treatment technology, and is rated as the first company in China to master the core stem cell technology by the American counterparts. This is the little known ningxia zhonglianda biological co., LTD. The company's core technology is mainly from the company's chairman wang huailin's many research results, he is the Chinese medical association engineering branch stem cell professional committee member, deputy chief physician, associate professor. Lead researcher at Canada's Wealthlin institute, who has studied and worked in a number of laboratories in the United States, Canada, and several institutes of immunization and biology.

It is understood that according to the stage of development, stem cells can be divided into embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. Stem cells have a strong vitality, all kinds of tissues and organs of the human body are developed from stem cells. Because of this unique function, medical researchers have long hoped to use stem cells to treat a variety of diseases, including cancer and diabetes.

At present, the products produced by ningxia zhonglianda biological co., ltd. are medical devices on stem cell therapy independently developed by the company. One of the company's main products is the "bone marrow and umbilical cord blood nucleated cell kit", which can be used to isolate adult stem cells from human bone marrow and umbilical cord blood, and then achieve the treatment purpose through local transplantation. This product has been widely used in clinical treatment of stem cells, and is used in more than 200 grade iii or above hospitals in more than 20 provinces in China. It has a significant effect in the treatment of liver cirrhosis, diabetic foot, occlusive vasculitis, cerebral infarction, nerve injury and other diseases.

Wang Huailin told a reporter, although at present the company's products are mainly involved in medical equipment category, but cell therapy is the inevitable choice of modern hospital, stem cells can effectively treat various traumatic disease is indisputable fact that the world mainstream medicine, the development of medical technology, stem cells are important step is the development of stem cells. At present, the company has made considerable progress in the field of stem cell drug research, and it is hoped that in the near future, the stem cell drug can be officially become a drug through clinical trials.
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