Big Success on the ASCB EMBO meeting in San Diego

ASCB / EMBO 2018 Meeting - San Diego

On the ASCB/EMBO meeting in San Diego, CA from Dec 8-12, Countstar exhibited together with his Lafayette based distribution partner Flotek the newest generation of the Countstar cell culture analyzers. More than 3,000 cell biologists got the chance to inform themselves about the innovative features of the Countstar Rigel models and its broad range of applications.

ASCB / EMBO 2018 Meeting - working with our friends at Flotek.

The Countstar Rigel S6 could demonstrate its efficiency, flexibility, and sensitivity for the research topics that were the focus of the ASCB/EMBO 2018 meeting. The image-based Countstar Rigel analyzer showed its high potential as an affordable alternative and complement to highly complex flow cytometry systems, delivering results and images down to a single cell level.

ASCB / EMBO 2018 Meeting - cell counters and cell culture analyzers
ALIT Life Science proudly presented their latest achievements in monitoring stem cell and CAR-T cells for individualized cell therapy concepts with more than 250 exhibiting companies.
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