New discovery on breast stem cells

The researchers from Université libre de Bruxelles identified new breast stem cells in the new study and confirmed in mice that these cells proliferated and differentiated to form different breast cell lines during pregnancy. The research was published in the latest magazine of the journal Nature on November 10.

To precisely define the lineage of mammary cells under physiological conditions, the researchers used a new cell lineage tracing method in mice through fluorescently labeling different types of mammary cells and continuously tracking the fate of these fluorescently labeled cells. The researchers found a long-lived unipotent stem cell in both the lumenal and myoepithelial cell lineages that demonstrated a wide range of self-renewal abilities, including morphological clonal amplification and large-scale amplification during several pregnancy cycles.

"We were very surprised and excited to discover that the mammary gland maintains its renewal and differentiation through two types of unipotent stem cells instead of the traditional idea that coming from Different types of pluripotent stem cells. These findings fundamentally change our understanding of the regenerative potential of the breast under physiological conditions, "said lead author Alexandra Van Keymeulen.

Cedric Blanpain, senior author of the paper, said the new findings have extremely important implications for the study of development, stem cells and the breast, and open up a new way to reveal the origin of different subtypes of breast cancer cells.
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