Nerve regeneration is expected after brain injury, claimed by a research group from Fudan University

Adult macaques and humans have neural stem cells and newborn neurons in their brains, offering new hope for nerve regeneration after brain injury, according to a study released by fudan university on June 13.

According to introducing, nerve cell that is “made”by nerve stem cell is also called neuron, for a long time, medical field thinks we do not have nerve stem cell inside cerebrum all the time, the nerve cell that cerebrum loses because of disease or traumatic is nonrenewable. However, previous research on neural stem cells was mainly carried out in mice, but the distribution and function of neural stem cells in the brain of human and other primates are poorly understood. Although mice and humans Shared a common ancestor 100 million years ago, long-term evolution has caused their brains to differ greatly in shape and function.

The existence and function of neural stem cells in primate brain, for example problems like whether nerve cells can regenerate after brain injury or not, have been an important topic for medical research.

Dr Yang Zhengang who is a professor from brain science research institute of Fudan University, state key laboratory of medical neurobiology of Fudan University and his doctoral candidate release the new study after three years hardworking, confirming that new born neurons that are "made" by neural stem cells exist in the adult monkey brain, and founding out that these new neurons are very active in the brain and can continuously generate new neurons. This achievement brings new hope for nerve regeneration after brain injury.
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