Nature: Chinese scientists convert body cells outside the kidney into kidney cells

In the situation of conversion kidney cell transplant, the mouses with hepatic failure half alive.

On May 12, the international academic journals published online in nature, the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of life science research institute of biochemistry and cell biology HuiLiJian team about convertion kidney cell research, prove beyond kidney cells can be induced into kidney cells directly, for the future from a patient's own cells induced kidney cells transplantation application laid a solid foundation.

The human body's skin, blood, nerves, kidney and other terminal differentiation of functional cells is derived from the differentiation of pluripotent stem cells, in nature, the process is irreversible, but in theory, through biological engineering it is reversible. Scientists have experimentally turned skin cells into pluripotent stem cells, which then differentiated into kidney cells. And this study simplifies the process, the mouse tail on the skin fibroblasts directly induced into kidney cells, this kind of cells and the body of the kidney cell similar to the epithelial cell morphology, gene expression spectrum, and the function of the kidney cell.

Institute discovers through the experiment, transplant the converting kidney cell in the mouse of liver failure, have nearly half to still survive, proved the converting kidney cell has the function inside body. It is reported that this study is still in the animal experiment stage, applied in clinical, still need a considerable time to optimize.

The nature editorial board and the panel of judges spoke highly of the pioneering significance of the work, saying that the technology system established in the study, as a major breakthrough, has guiding significance for research in the same field.

In addition to the clinical application prospects in cell transplantation, the converting kidney cells are in the study of drug metabolism and drug toxicology related to the pharmaceutical industry. At present, we have applied for relevant patents, and intend to put them into development and utilization, so as to transform the basic research results of the laboratory into real productive forces of scientific research, return to the society and benefit mankind. This work was supported by the ministry of science and technology, the national natural science foundation of China and the Chinese academy of sciences.
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