“National 12th five-year plan for science and technology development”

On July 14, the newly promulgated 12th five-year plan for scientific and technological development explicitly listed "stem cell research, development and reproductive research" as six major scientific research, and in the plan, the relevant units are required to concentrate their superior forces to promote the implementation of major scientific research plans.

Planning will be: to mainly support cellular reprogramming and its regulatory mechanism research, the mechanism of stem cell self-renewal and pluripotency to maintain and build new species of pluripotent stem cells, directional differentiation of stem cells and its regulation mechanism research, stem cell development and the interaction of microenvironment, excavation, identification of markers and tracer, stem cells in the clinical application of basic research, the plant cell totipotency and organogenesis, and so on.

With regard to the current global stem cell research craze, professor Chen hu from 307 hospital revealed that China's stem cell research has been very active in recent years and has made gratifying achievements in scientific research and industrial transformation. Chinese researchers are working day and night to catch up with the world, hoping that we can be in the global stem cell research boom. According to statistics, the number of stem-cell related papers published in SCI core journals in China has been increasing year by year. The number of papers published in 2006 and 2007 both exceeded 2000, similar to the number in Britain and France, among which 224 papers with an impact factor of more than 3 points were published. Some research fields are leading in the world, such as blood diseases, liver diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and related complications.

China's stem cell medical market is in the early stage, but its future development space and potential is very great. As a developing country with a large population base, China's huge medical market cannot be ignored. 240 million patients with cardiovascular diseases, 41.6 million patients with diabetes, 94 million patients with alzheimer's disease and 14.6 million patients with blood tumor are waiting for more active and effective treatment. As early as 2004 and 2005, related mesenchymal stem cells were submitted to SFDA for further clinical trials as three kinds of biological products and new drugs. In particular, in recent years, many significant achievements have been made in clinical studies. In view of the current face many thorny issues such as: the lack of relevant industry norms and operating standards, the lack of ethical guidelines and clinical access standards. Therefore, the establishment of stem cell technology and product quality control standards and industry norms for major diseases, improve the national stem cell translational medicine system is the consensus of many experts.

In conclusion, the 12th five-year plan for scientific and technological development not only shows the importance and affirmation of stem cell research, but also puts forward higher requirements for the development of the whole industry and researchers.
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