Military researchers say umbilical cord stem cells may offer a cure for paraplegia

Minimizing the risk of paralysis after a spinal cord injury is no longer an illusion; More importantly, human umbilical cord stem cells are expected to be used to cure paraplegia in the future. In the key project of Chongqing natural science foundation "study on the role and mechanism of acid-sensitive ion channel in spinal cord injury and repair", which has just passed the acceptance inspection, researchers from a hospital of the third military medical university pushed China's research on the treatment of spinal cord injury to the international leading level.

According to introducing, spinal cord injury is because human body spinal column is compressed, fracture, and the serious neurological trauma that causes, bring about the paralysis of patient of different degree extremely easily, and the commonly used treatment means at present, give priority to surgical operation and physiotherapy.

"Strictly speaking, this method can only increase the stability of the spine and has no significant effect on the recovery of spinal cord injury." Said the professionals concerned.

It took researchers at the hospital four years to find a channel called acid-sensitive ions in the membrane of the spinal cord, which increases the amount of calcium that passes through when spinal injuries occur, exacerbating neurological damage and increasing the risk of paralysis.

"This is an innovative discovery, and by identifying the culprit, we can target the specific medicines to significantly reduce the risk of spinal cord paralysis." Said the project leader.
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