Japanese research found out the reasons why cancer stem cells are hard to kill completely

Cancer stem cells, which play an important role in the development and recurrence of cancer, are able to secrete various proteins necessary for their survival, a new study in Japan has found. If this mechanism can be disrupted, it may be possible to prevent the recurrence of cancer. Reported by Xinhuanet Tokyo on April 3( Journalist Lan Jianzhong).

Cancer stem cells refer to cancer cells with stem cell properties, which have the ability of "self-replication" and "multicellular differentiation". Such cells are thought to have the potential to form tumors and even develop into cancer. Nowaday the cancer treatments mainly kill cancer cells with drugs and radiation. But if there are any cancer stem cells left, the cancer cells will multiply again, and the technology to kill them completely has not progressed significantly.

At the university of Tokyo institute of medicine researchers in a new period of the United States reported the online edition of the journal proceedings of the national academy of sciences, they successfully extracted the cancer stem cells from cancer tissue of patients with breast cancer, the study found that cancer stem cells can secrete necessary for its various substances, including cell division and the need when self-replicating protein, etc.

The team also found that substances secreted by cancer stem cells also found their way into the bloodstream. The finding means that a blood test could be used to find out if cancer stem cells are growing, which could lead to early detection of cancers such as the onset and recurrence of the disease, the researchers said.
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