Japanese experts are curing heart disease with stem cells that come from patient’s own body and hear

The other day, Japan's okayama university hospital has successfully transplanted stem cells from the heart of a 1-year-old girl with congenital heart disease. It is the first time in the world that cardiac stem cells have been used to cure infants.

The baby's ventricles were suffering from one ventricle syndrome, a condition in which the left ventricle is very small. In the past, many surgeries were performed to restore the blood circulation, but the cardiac function could not be improved yet. So the hospital took about 100 milligrams of heart tissue from the baby girl during the repair operation, took out stem cells with the function of replication, and cultured them in vitro for 10 days, and then injected 1.8 million stem cells into the coronary arteries for "home transplantation" during the heart implantation examination.

After the operation, the patient had no rejection reaction due to the autologous cells, and was discharged one week after the transplantation. After nearly a month of examination, myocardial weight increased by about 4 grams (18%) compared with that before transplantation, and cardiac systolic function recovered by about 10%.
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