Industrial use of artificial skin, using it like a band-aid

"Artificial skin" began clinical treatment in Taizhou, Jiangsu province in December. The artificial skin project of a jiangsu cell tissue engineering co., ltd. has been located in taizhou medical city since the beginning of the year, and now has an inventory of 1 million square centimeters of artificial skin. The project is led by the only Chinese member of the royal college of plastic surgeons, who says the industry is just starting to take off globally.

It is known that there are about 9 million burn patients in China every year, and the biggest obstacle to the treatment of large-scale burns is the lack of effective skin coverage. The treatment mainly relies on cutting one's own skin to transplant and repair, often leaving new wounds at the skin removal site. In the future, when patients need skin grafts, a small piece of artificial skin can act as a "band-aid" to quickly repair skin tissue.

The accurate name for artificial skin is "bio-medically active artificial skin," which uses stem cells from the body to grow skin tissue that can be used for skin resurfaces or skin grafts. The creators say they have developed a second generation of artificial skin products that add pigment cells to the skin's cells, allowing them to work in the same way as the recipient's skin tone and to sweat normally. "Compared with other skin types, the artificial skin is also less resistant to rejection, requires less maintenance and costs hundreds of yuan less per square centimeter."

The founder has been engaged in the research of tissue engineering, biological materials, skin tissue bank technology, skin stem cells and adipose stem cells in the UK for nearly 20 years. According to its introduction, the bio-medically active "artificial skin" product is a kind of skin made in vitro, which is taken from the recipient itself and can be flexibly preserved and transported. The transplantation treatment is not limited by the shape and depth of the wound surface, so that the patient's bodily functions can be preserved and the most perfect treatment effect can be obtained with the least pain.

After nearly 20 years of research, the biomedical active "artificial skin" product technology has been very mature, can be widely used in burns, especially to deal with sudden group burn events, minimally invasive cosmetic surgery and other aspects. "Human skin tissue the size of a fingernail could be used to create an artificial skin the size of a football field," he said.
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