Chinese scientists are working to replace adult stem cell samples from mice with pigs

In recent years, stem cell research has become a frontier field of international science, which has also attracted great attention in China. Chinese scientists are making breakthroughs in regenerative medicine by using pigs as stem cells to replace traditional lab animals.

It is reported that stem cells are not fully differentiated and mature cells, which have the potential function of regenerating various tissues and organs of the human body. Ips cells, also known as induced pluripotent stem cells, are adult cells such as skin cells that are induced into pluripotent stem cells in vitro.

According to the outline of China's national medium - and long-term plan for scientific and technological development, China has organized and implemented 16 major science and technology projects and six major scientific research projects, including "development and reproduction" and "stem cells". Among them, "the source of different organizations and disease ips pluripotency differences and the molecular mechanism research of the regulation", "development in reproduction important mammalian model" two projects, included in China this year "stem cells" on the implementation of the first batch of important scientific research project startup project, of which the former support reach RMB 28 million for five years.

And the development in the important mammal reproduction model "project, will be carried out for pig model of stem cell research," in the past, all is based on the little mouse, it belongs to the western way ", but if application on human reproductive organs, a convenience sample of pig has more advantages, "the study once get breakthrough, China will be in a leading stem cell research in the world, and can master more core technology".
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