Chinese experts have cloned a new antibody against rabies virus

Using cloning methods, researchers from Nanjing military medical research institute and nanjing medical university prepared a genetically engineered neutralizing antibody (Fab) with neutralizing activity against rabies virus. Through the animal experiment confirmation, this antibody joint vaccine can effectively prevent the rabies virus infection, has the potential application prospect in the rabies prevention. The paper was published in the latest issue of the Chinese journal of pharmacology.

Rabies is an acute zoonotic infectious disease caused by rabies virus, which has an extremely high case fatality rate. Expression of it is exceeding nerve excitement and even furious, afterwards local or paralytic and die. Rabies progresses rapidly and kills within up to 10 days. According to the United Nations world health organization, about 50,000 people and millions of wild animals die of rabies every year, and the number of people who die from rabies in China has jumped to the second place in the list of the legal infectious diseases.

The combination of anti-rabies virus immunoglobulin and rabies vaccine is the main measure to prevent rabies tertiary infection. At present clinical use of anti-rabies virus immune globulin, mainly from rabies vaccine immune person or horse anti-rabies virus serum, antibody production is limited and there are certain safety risks. The improvement and development of genetic engineering antibody technology provides a new way to prepare therapeutic human antibody with high affinity. Due to its lower immunogenicity and better tissue penetration, human antibody can be better used in clinical treatment of diseases.

It is reported, this study is important part in the study of rabies virus therapeutic neutralizing antibodies, the team from anthropogenic immunity against rabies virus antibody library screening of a single antibodies against the rabies virus glycoprotein, cloned variable region genes, by using the method of overlap extension splicing genes spliced into a Fab, and through animal experiments in mice. In vitro research and mice rabies virus infection after the prevention of research confirmed that antibody combined vaccine can effectively prevent rabies virus infection, rabies virus infection of mice have preventive protection.
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